Our values

""It was a cold winter afternoon. After leaving the school with my sister, we went home to eat the amazing bread with olive oil and sugar that our mum had prepared for us. I entered our home and I noticed the smell from the roasted almonds that my parents were preparing, and I couldn't wait until dinner time to try some. My mum had to hide the almonds, to prevent us from eating all of them. One day, when my mother was not at home, I jumped on my sister’s back trying to arrive to the kitchen cabinet to catch the precious treasure. These sweet past memories have evolved into this exciting present"."

Josep Ramon Mas Climent

The time was drawing on and with the future in mind, we decided to launch a company and market this tasteful product, the roasted almond. Since then and step by step, we have added new products at our portfolio. Nowadays, the company has available a wide range of articles, dried fruits, oils from our region, vinegars, honey, jams, sweets, wines, cavas, etc. Copyright © 2012- Legal Notice