Frisal dried nuts was born in 1987. With a lot of hope and vehement devotion we started a new entrepreneurial venture. What at that time was just a germ of an idea, which we didn't know exactly how it would evolve and if the society would accept it, today is a company with a lot of history behind, a company that looks at the future with renewed thrill.

Everything started at the Garrigues Region, specifically in its capital, Les Borges Blanques, known everywhere by the quality of its extra virgin olive oil.

At that time, when new ideas and new projects were coming up on a daily basis, we wanted to take advantage of the possibilities offered by our lands. We realized about the potential of our region’s treasures, and consequently we thought they should be commercialized.

We were so convinced about it that we decided to take advantage of our almond trees and our extra virgin oil and we mixed them into one single fryer. The result was spectacular and it remains like this, because nothing has changed since the start.

These were the beginnings of our company, a company created without rushes, and with lots of efforts and devotion. A company that cannot guarantee you full happiness, but it will give you moments of small and delightful pleasures.

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